According to the statute of the Society, ordinary members can include Polish citizens permanently residing in Poland who:

  • actively operate in the area of scientific and technical information,
  • use the services of scientific and technical information and are interested in the information issues.

You will become a member upon submitting a written declaration regarding joining the Society and covering membership fees – minimum PLN 30/ half year (retirees and pensioners – PLN 12/half year). To be paid to the following bank account: 72 1020 2313 0000 3502 0145 1798

Contributing members can include any individuals or institutions seated in Poland or abroad who declared financial support to the Society.

An honourable member can be a person with extraordinary achievements in the area of scientific and technical information or who significantly contributed to the development of the Society’s activities. This honour is granted, on the Board’s request, by the General Assembly.

Ordinary members of the PTIN have the right to:

  • active or passive participation in electing the Society’s Authorities;
  • wear the badge of the Society;
  • receive advice in matters resulting from the activity profile of the Society;
  • participate in training-popularization events, organised or co-organised by the Society;
  • apply for the title of PTIN Subject matter Expert in the area of scientific information.

Contributing Members have the rights of ordinary members, excluding the active and passive voting rights in appointing the authorities of PTIN.

Honourable members have the rights of ordinary members and are exempt from the obligation to pay membership fees.

The membership expires in the case of:

  • voluntarily leaving the Society, having previously expressed the will in a letter to the Board;
  • being crossed out from the list of members by way of Board’s resolution, due to not paying membership fees for a period longer than 12 months, after 2 requests to make the payments;
  • exclusion from the Society by way of the General Assembly’s resolution, for activities that are contradictory with the provisions of the statute;
  • losing Polish citizenship;
  • losing the legal personality for contributing members.

By clicking on the below icon you can download the application form (in the Word 6.0 format), which needs to be printed out, completed and sent to the Society’s address.

Application form