History of PTIN

Polish Society for Scholarly Information (PTIN)


The first draft of the Statute, developed in October 1981 and postulating to change the name of the association into the Society of Scholarly Information Workers (SPIN), was distributed to a number of professional consultants with a request to incorporate respective proposed amendments. The final version of the SPIN Statute was based on the previous one, taking into account comments and remarks added by solicited advisors. On 16 and 17th December 1981 took place a conference dedicated to staff members of scholarly, technical and economic information centres (ST&EIC), organized by a consortium of several institutions: University of Silesia in Katowice, Polish Cybernetic Society and Centre for Technical Progress. The main issue of this event was how to organize and manage ST&EIC in the conditions of liberalized economy. The formal establishment of the Association of Scholarly Information Workers, scheduled during this seminar, had to be cancelled, same as the conference itself, due to the declaration of the martial law announced in the middle of the night from 12 to 13th December 1981.

Creation of the Polish Society for Scholarly Information

The idea of creating the society reappeared in 1984, however relevant authorities refused to grant their agreement to this the proposal. In these circumstances, the Polish Society for Scholarly Information could be registered only in 1992, after 11 years of efforts to make it exist. The first General Assembly of PTIN was held on 29th July 1992 in Warsaw, when the delegates elected the Management Board, Auditing Committee and Peer Court.

Activity of PTIN

In the first assumptions, the association was supposed to support the dissemination of novel ideas in scholarly information, influence the improvement of organization and operating methods of various institutions dealing with scholarly information, represent and advocate for the professional milieu to governmental bodies, industry agents, trade operators, scholarly entities and others. Moreover, it was meant to become the Polish representative on the international arena, as well as to participate in meetings of similar associations and institutions. The Society was expected to cooperate, exchange views and experiences, establish contacts and use them to improve the condition of scholarly information in Poland.

The Polish Society for Scholarly Information was the first and only nationwide organization working in the field of broadly understood scholarly information. It was founded as a Polish response to the multiplication of such initiatives throughout the world and to the growing role of information in modern societies, on the eve of the advent of knowledge-based economy.

Members of PTIN ought to be Polish citizens permanently living in Poland, who are involved in professional activities in the field of scholarly and technical information, using such services and interested in information issues, i.e. scholarly information professionals: practitioners and theorists, librarians, staff members of scholarly information centres, researchers and users of scholarly information.

The activity PTIN is based on the voluntary work of its members. The scope of PTIN has been defined in the current Statute.

Publishing output of PTIN

Since 1993 PTIN issues a quarterly peer-reviewed journal „Praktyka i Teoria Informacji Naukowej i Technicznej” aka „PTINT” (Practice and Theory of Scholarly and Technical Information). The journal publishes research papers in information science and related fields, research reports, overviews of information centres current business, conference reports, reviews of publications in information & library science and connected domains, detailed reviews of doctoral theses and dissertations, as well as news about the activities of the Society. Submitted papers are reviewed by independent researchers, members of Steering Council. In 2000, PTIN initiated a series of publications entitled „Works of PTIN”, presenting diverse issues of theory and practice of scholarly and technical information. The series includes namely:

  • Information and language. Memorial book dedicated to Professor Eugeniusz Ścibor (1929-2003). Ed. D. Pietruch-Reizes and W. Babik. Katowice 2013, 204 pp. (Works of PTIN, No. 10) [in polish]
  • Safe, innovative and accessible information. Prospects for the sector of information services in the knowledge-based society. Ed. D. Pietruch-Reizes and W. Babik. Katowice 2011, 215 pp. (Works of PTIN, No. 9) [in polish]
  • Information management in science. Ed. Diana Pietruch-Reizes and Wieslaw Babik, with collaboration of Renata Frączek. Katowice 2010, 258 pp. (Works of PTIN, No. 8) [in polish]
  • Exchange of information and development of professional information services in education, science and culture for the benefit of the knowledge-based society. Ed. D. Pietruch-Reizes and W. Babik. Katowice 2008, 390 pp. (Works of PTIN, No. 7) [in polish]
  • Directions and priorities for the development of scholarly information in the context of building a knowledge-based society. Ed. D. Pietruch-Reizes and W. Babik. Katowice 2006, 225 pp. (Works of PTIN, No. 6) [in polish]
  • Services – Applications – Content in the knowledge-based economy. Ed. D. Pietruch-Reizes and W. Babik. Warsaw 2004, 278 pp. (Works of PTIN, No. 5) [in polish]
  • Information – Knowledge – Economy. Ed. W. Pindlowa and D. Pietruch-Reizes. Warsaw 2001, 443 pp. (Works of PTIN, No. 4) [in polish]
  • Forum for the integration of Polish associations in information science, librarianship and related fields. Proceedings. Ed. D. Pietruch-Reizes. Warsaw 2000, 180 pp. (Works of PTIN, No. 3) [in polish]
  • Information Society in view of the new millennium. Proceedings of the V National Forum of Scholarly and Technical Information, Zakopane 18-21 October 1999. Eds. D. Pietruch-Reizes, A. Sitarski and B. Stefaniak. Warsaw 2000, 127 pp. (Works of PTIN, No. 2) [in polish]

Organizational activity

Since 1991, regularly, every two years, PTIN is organizing a conference named National Forum of Scholarly and Technical Information, integrating creators, workers and users of information in order to exchange experiences and learn about new trends in the development of information, TIC and tools designed for data storage, curation, exchange and management. In 2006 PTIN organized the first conference “Information management in science”. Further meetings are held every two years in Katowice (alternating with Forum INT). In addition, the Society organizes one-day seminars and workshops.

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