PTIN Mission

The main task of the PTIN is: to promote the belief in the society of the highly important role and significance of scientific and technical information in socio-economic development and progress, as well as of the necessity to use it in creative and decision-making actions – according to the provisions of the PTIN statute. This provision can be deemed as the Society’s main message that expresses its servient role in the process of forming our scholarly and technical future. Raising awareness in the society about PTIN’s role is mainly a process of enhancing the organization of the function of scientific information in the country, as well as the process of widespread information education of the society, and in the future – the information society.

The main aims of the Polish Society for Scholarly Information include:

  • acting to form the necessary conditions for theory development and for improving the organisational and methodical aspects of information activities in the area of science, culture and economy,
  • striving for the integration of the communities of information creators and users,
  • providing support in solving issues in this community,
  • disseminating knowledge regarding the role and significance of information for scientific-technical development, as well as the country’s socio-economic growth.

    The above-mentioned aims will be carried out by the Society through partnership with any and all interested organisations on the central and field level in fulfilling tasks regarding:

  • carrying out research in the area of theory and development of scientific information
  • increasing the organisational effectiveness and efficiency of facilities and of the functioning of information systems
  • legislation works and research-implementation works in the field of scientific information
  • organising trainings for employees and information users, as well as carrying out works related with educating information staff in the national education system
  • promoting information activities and promoting achievements in the area of scientific and technical information
  • developing activities regarding publications in the area of problems and issues related with scientific and technical information, as well as
  • cooperation and exchange of experiences with other associations, and Polish and foreign institutions in solving problems related with scientific information. Moreover, the Society will submit suggestions to appropriate universities and colleges, regarding the subject of information, which should be accounted for in teaching programmes and in programmes for teaching staff, for the needs of scientific information.

    The Society’s work plans also include organising or co-organising community meetings dedicated to scientific and technical information (evaluating the current situation and perspectives for development).

    The Society assumes cooperation with national organisations and associations operating in the area of scientific and technical information or in related areas, such as: The Association of Polish Librarians, The Polish Cybernetic Association and others.